Wednesday January 20th: Loss of focus
January 18, 2021
Friday January 22nd: Building on the Apostolic Foundation
January 18, 2021

Thursday January 21st: The lakeside gives life

“Jesus retreated with his disciples to the Lakeside.”

Mark 3:7-12

As I reflect on the Lakeside I think about how much I longed for the beach during the lockdown. Water gives me life, it tends to relax me and refreshes me. During the lockdown I longed for ‘water’ time and I remembered Psalm 42 that says, “As a deer longs for running stream I long for you my God”.

I started looking deeper within to discover what were the things I was longing for and what was the root of the longing. Sacraments were the tangible way God touched my longing and healed my brokeness. The Sacraments have taken new meaning in my life. Thanks to the lockdown I am now truly at the lakeside.

Lord Jesus, you have left us a memorial of yourself in the Eucharist and touch our brokeness through reconciliation. Lord, renew the vows of our baptism and fill us anew with the gifts of your Spirit so we can live life abundantly and help others to do the same. Amen.