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January 15, 2021
Tuesday January 19th: An all inclusive vision
January 18, 2021

Monday January 18th: Change is never easy

“New wine, new wineskins”

Mark 2:18-22

Change is never easy. Yet in order to grow and become better human beings, it is absolutely essential. Sometimes we have to give way to the new as the old and new will not be able to co-exist. The presence of the corona virus has forced the world to interact differently with each other: many work from home, students attend schools on-line, meetings are conducted via zoom, teams or other platforms. There is no going back. This is the new normal. We have also seen history being made with the protests of the Black Lives Matter Movement and its worldwide impact, the storming of the American Capitol by insurrectionists and the double impeachment of an American President.

These events must make us change the way we live our lives. The Gospel points us in the right direction – new wine, new wineskins. We cannot go back. A pandora box of opportunities has been opened and we must embrace these changes and move forward. Our very existence depends on it.