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January 14, 2021
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January 15, 2021

‘Rediscover the Saints’ reminds us sainthood is possible

Author/Counsellor, Miranda Dookran reviews Rediscover the Saints by Matthew Kelly

In this book, Rediscover the Saints, the author Matthew Kelly challenges both you and me to explore 25 questions in relation to our life here on earth and the possibility of attaining the goal of sainthood.

He describes the saints as great teachers who encourages, challenges, and inspires us to do extraordinary things. They were simply men and women who became the best versions of themselves allowing others to experience God’s love, care, and wisdom through their presence.
Rich and poor, young, and old, educated, and uneducated are all called to be saints. The key is capitalising on daily routines to create holy moments by making ourselves completely available to God.

As I read the first chapter, I was blown away by Kelly’s introduction of St Dismas who was one of the thieves crucified along with Jesus. While St Dismas lived a life of dishonesty, often stealing from others, this thief essentially recognised the Messiah and stole the heart of Jesus when he sincerely repented of his sins asking God to have mercy.

Not only does Kelly successfully capture the lives of the more popular saints like St Nicholas, St Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) and St Thomas in a nutshell, he also invites the reader to explore the lives of other saints such as St Irenaeus and St Mary Mackillop.

For each of these saints, one can identify with their feelings of dryness, doubt, dissatisfaction, fear and even loneliness which are often encountered during life’s journey.