Tuesday January 12th: Recognise Him
January 11, 2021
Thursday January 14th: Reaching out to the Socially Ostracized
January 11, 2021

Wednesday January 13th: What you really come here for?

“ For that is what I came out to do.’

Mark: 1 29 -39

Imagine being Jesus and being able to heal people, well everybody wants to be your friend. Jesus must have been like a rock star; the Michael Jackson of his day. He must have been on top of the world. Would you be able to walk away from that?
The scripture says that in spite of staying up late healing persons, Jesus got up early and found a quiet place to pray. At the end of his prayers he had made a decision to change his course. God did not just send him to heal people; he was sent to proclaim the good news. He knew what he came to do
So often we are caught up in our own popularity, that we can lose sight of our purpose and why God sent us on earth. If today you are unsure of your purpose. Do like Jesus and recluse to a quiet place to pray and ask God what you really come here for? What did you come to do? What is your purpose.?