Wednesday January 13th: What you really come here for?
January 11, 2021
Friday January 15th: Creative and effective!
January 11, 2021

Thursday January 14th: Reaching out to the Socially Ostracized

Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him

Mark 1 40-45

One of the protocols of life in the pandemic is not touching others and the regular washing of hands. When I read today’s Gospel, I immediately experienced the sense of breaking best hygienic practices, and the attending feelings of discomfort and vulnerability.

Jesus had broken the hygienic protocols of his time and must have felt similar feelings, he was taking a risk, not only in his vulnerability to the disease, since he was also truly man, but also to the social ostracization, having touched a leper. And so he sternly warned him not to spread the news.

I reflect on the socially ostracized in our society, diseased, migrants, castes, physically and mentally handicapped, minorities. Jesus is calling us to stretch out our hands and figuratively touch them.
Lord forgive me for those times that I did not have the courage. Give me the grace to stretch out my hands to the socially ostracized.