Artisans create “new life” through upcycling
January 11, 2021
Tuesday January 12th: Recognise Him
January 11, 2021

Monday January 11th: The Selfish Immediacy of Answering the Call

“Anyone can be a disciple. What matters is being available and willing to follow where Jesus leads.”

Mark 1:14-20

I recently read an article stating that if you have an impulse to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill the idea.
The first disciples may not have known this, yet they answered Jesus’ call to follow Him with the same necessary immediacy. To family and onlookers, their actions, leaving everything without looking back or handing over may have seemed reckless, even selfish. But anyone who has ever had a personal encounter with Christ will testify to that indescribable pull, that desire of unknown origin to know more. It is a desire that sends many on a quest of discovery, and what they find usually prompts a 360 degree turnaround. This is the ideal – that the encounter with Jesus should bring about a radical change in our life.
Know this too – anyone can be a disciple—no spectacular gifts required. What matters is being available and willing to follow where Jesus leads. So be selfish in the name of becoming a disciple.

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