Thursday January 14th: Reaching out to the Socially Ostracized
January 11, 2021
Saturday January 16th: Are We Worthy?
January 11, 2021

Friday January 15th: Creative and effective!

They reached Jesus and found healing.

Mark 2: 1 – 12.

Today’s gospel passage has a bit of comedy. The sight of a paralysed man being dragged around and up onto a roof. The thought of them making a hole in someone’s house and then lowering the man through it in the hope that he might land in front of Jesus?! That is the making of a comedy.

But this was serious business. The people who carried the paralytic were desperate. Does desperation not make us try anything? When it has to do with someone we love, we would go to great lengths. Those four men must have loved that paralytic enough to make them do all that they did. Their love for the paralytic and their persistence paid off. They reached Jesus and found healing.

Jesus always tells us to be persistent in faith. Today’s gospel says faith also has to be creative. We cannot bang on the same locked door all day. Try another way. A window might be open on the other side.