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January 7, 2021
Artisans create “new life” through upcycling
January 11, 2021

Sunday January 10th: Baptism of the Lord

God’s favour rests on them.

Mark 1:7-11

Not until the birth of my son did I feel loved by God. I experienced being singled out with real blessings like it was a spiritual baptism. There must have been blessings before, no doubt, maybe just minor league, with a daily diet of bread and prayers. But blessings that you don’t deserve, that just come upon you and light your way, meant that the heavens opened and favour bestowed. Thank you Lord.
Be grateful for them children then, and their mothers. Watch and care for those teenagers. Soon they will vote and deal power. They come after us but they rank before us. They have the future of our world, our country, our families and indeed the planet in their hands. We better not undo the straps of their determination.
Stoop and kiss their feet anyway. There is an ascendency about them that suggests, unlike us, they have received the spirit early. Their invaluable wellspring of courage is the effect of the clear living water that trickled down their foreheads when they were claimed for Christ.