Tuesday January 5th: I am baffled
January 4, 2021
Thursday January 7th: Full of the Spirit
January 4, 2021

Wednesday January 6th: At the appointed time

Faith is not built on feelings-Own dark night of the soul

Mark 6: 45-52

There were times in my life when it seemed that God abandoned me because I could not ‘feel’ His presence at all. Overwhelmed by my ocean of emotions, just like the disciples, I struggled to contain the waves of fear and anxiety.

Jesus watched the disciples from the shore and did not go to them immediately. As a mother, I know that I will not help my children if I immediately rush to their assistance each time they are faced with a challenge.

I understand now that these periods of hiding are essential for my purification and growth.

He stands as a benevolent parent waiting on the appointed time to rescue me by the outpouring of His Holy Spirit.

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