Monday December 4th: From Darkness and Death to Light and Life
January 4, 2021
Wednesday January 6th: At the appointed time
January 4, 2021

Tuesday January 5th: I am baffled

I need to pray for discernment.

Mark 6 : 34-44

I need to pray for discernment.
Each time I pray this Gospel, I have long debates with myself and God.
I pray to God to let me know what lesson I should get. Should I be like the little boy and be prepared? Or should I be like the crowd who only wanted to hear the word of God and didn’t even worry about food? Should I rely solely on God and trust Him implicitly?
I pray for wisdom and good judgement. I also pray for increased faith and trust in God.
Can I ever reach the stage where I am so enthralled by the word of God that I don’t even think of the basics? I really don’t know the answer.
Some days when things fall into place effortlessly, I know it was God working his miracles .
Dear God, help me to remember those days, especially when nothing seems to go right.

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