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January 4, 2021
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January 4, 2021

Trini Canadian donates 62 tablets to parish for online learning

The La Romaine parish has received a donation of devices and cash through a benefactor.

In a release, the parish stated it has been serving the vulnerable in the community through two main groups: the La Romaine Migrant Support (LARMS) which focuses on the migrant community, and Kindness Makes a Difference (KMAD) which focuses on the local vulnerable.

“These two groups have expanded on the ministry of the St Vincent de Paul and they both appreciate the ongoing support from the wider parish community,” the release stated. Food hampers, along with mattresses, household items, beds, and clothes are provided.

The release stated that “among the team of volunteers are ‘experienced teachers’ from Venezuela and some retired teachers from Trinidad who support this process.” Assignments were given to the children and young people on a regular basis by the dedicated volunteers.

Learning was also happening as the parish enabled them to have access to online schooling by providing donated tablets and MiFi (a wireless router that acts as a mobile hotspot). Very often, some of the children without access to devices had to use their parents’ mobile phone.

The volunteers’ work with the vulnerable children received a boost through a Trinidadian-Canadian living in the Niagara Escarpment, who prefers not to be named. It was facilitated through Lucille Nathu, former general manager, Catholic Media Services Limited.

He became aware of the work of the La Romaine parish and his passion for the well-being and security of the children “translated into a gift” of 62 tablets to assist with equipping children to access online learning, and the sum of TT $10,000.

The gift was received in December and distributed last Sunday, January 3 at the compound of St Benedict’s RC. “The cash will be used to assist with groceries and hampers,” the release stated.

The tablets have been given on contract, with parental approval, to the children for one year with possibility for extending the contract. This system is to ensure that the donated tablets will be effectively used for the purpose intended. According to the contract, 60 per cent of the time on the devices is to be for school/academic work, 15 per cent for communication among family members, 15 per cent for hobby and skill building and 10 per cent for personal entertainment/games etc.

The release said the parish has also received ten tablets from the Presbyterian Church and some La Romaine families have donated learning devices.