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January 4, 2021
Operation ‘Christmas Pick Up’
January 4, 2021

CCR National Conference online

The first virtual Catholic Charismatic Renewal National Conference is on this weekend January 9-10 with the theme Let us rebuild (Acts 2:42-47).

The welcome will be given by CCR chair Deborah de Rosia. Archbishop Jason Gordon will deliver the opening address and will also preside at the closing Mass 1 p.m. today, January 10 on location at the CCR Centre, Caroni.

The weekend has a full programme with talks on: ‘The practical steps on building the Church’ by Fr Steve Ransome and ‘How to behave in the family’ by Debbie De Cranie-Pierre. Workshop sessions will follow the talks.

Winston Garcia of the People of Praise Community will lead the praise and worship. Testimonies, scripture readings and a healing service were also scheduled.

For information, contact the CCR 645-2902, 645-0525, or e-mail or