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December 31, 2020
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December 31, 2020

‘Rediscover the Saints’ and teach by example

Rio Claro parishioner Alicia Phillips-Sealy submitted this review of Rediscover the Saints by author Matthew Kelly, which was distributed to parishes during the Christmas season.


You know that famous Trini quote, ‘Do as I say and not as I do’? Well, this book proves that inoperative. This journey with the saints showed me how to live and teach by example and most importantly do every little act with love.
While reading this book, I suggest that for each of the saints, you find a particular situation in your life, past or present, and see how the saints would deal with it. Then see if you dealt or are dealing with the situation in a similar way, to create a holy moment that would lead you a step closer to becoming a saint.
An example, is one of the things that stuck with me throughout the book. The first, St Dismas was remorseful and longing for guidance, answers, and a glimpse of hope. He asked the man in the marketplace, “Who is David and why do they call it his city?” and was ridiculed and laughed at.
Imagine, if St Dismas had encountered St Augustine in the man in the market and this man taught him that God never gives up on us and every sinner has a future.
Or, St Teresa of Avila, who could teach St Dismas that what he searched for was unity with God and that all things would pass. Or St Nicholas in this man, who would use the opportunity to feed and quench St Dismas’ thirst and then educate him about God. Or the Blessed Virgin Mary to teach St Dismas how to pray and surrender to God.
The man in the market is every one of us. St Dismas is the prisoner, the alcoholic, the thief, and anyone we judge or condemn, instead of creating a holy moment.
How much difference we could make with all the encounters we have with each other, if we place the saints in it.