Tuesday December 29th: The Favour of God Was upon Him
December 29, 2020
Thursday December 31st: Keep the good
December 29, 2020

Wednesday December 30th: What if….

“Meanwhile the child grew to maturity, and he was filled with wisdom; and God’s favour was with him.”

Luke 2:36-40

A friend sent me photos of her twin grandchildren and my first comment was, “Wow! They cute, eh!” What if my reaction was more like that of the prophetess Anna, a woman of deep prayer and devotion, who thanked God for baby Jesus when she first beheld him and spoke about him to all who hoped for the deliverance of Jerusalem.

What if we look beyond the “cuteness” and see new born babies with spiritual eyes? What if we speak into their lives all that is God’s will for them? What if we believed that every child, like Jesus, has the potential to grow in maturity and wisdom, enjoying the favour of God?

Lord, help us to see every child born into this world as a gift from you, possessing the potential to impact the world positively. We pray that families, schools and communities, especially our worshipping communities, would provide an enabling ambiance for each child to reach his full potential. Forgive us our shortsightedness when we limit our children by our own view of them. Amen.