Thursday December 31st: Keep the good
December 29, 2020
Clean slate
December 31, 2020

Friday January 1st: Mary, Mother of God.

“As for Mary, she pondered all these things and treasured them in her heart.”

Luke 2: 16 – 21

There is a tradition which says that when Jesus entrusted Mary to John’s care he took her to Ephesus. There, on the mountain overlooking the city there is a shrine called the House of Mary. Archaeologists have excavated and restored the small stone building, which contains two small rooms. The larger serves as a chapel and the smaller contains a page from the Koran which speaks of the honour given to Mary by Muslims. Outside the house is a little garden and an altar for outdoor Masses. It is not a place frequented by crowds, but rather a quiet place. Pilgrims go there to rest, ponder and pray. The Shrine reflects the simplicity of Mary herself.

Today’s gospel describes Mary as one who went into her inner room and pondered the things she did not readily grasp. As we begin this new year, 2021, we can make meditation and reflection our primary way of dealing with our everyday and faith life.