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December 22, 2020
The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph (B)
December 22, 2020

Christmas conversations

Over this year, the Catholic News was fortunate to have interviewed several Catholics who are involved in God’s work, in one way or another. The Editorial team: Lara Pickford-Gordon, Simone Delochan and Kaelanne Jordan reached out to a few to find out how about their Christmas traditions, and hopes for the Catholic community.

Marc Chandler

Growing up we didn’t have much. I never saw us as poor, we just had priorities that were bigger than toys etc. So, one thing my mom and younger brother always used to do at Christmas time, we’d travel to all the malls (Gulf City being one of our faves), get ice-cream from Willie’s and just window shop. It seems so simple but that time we spent is something I hold dear.

Another tradition is a pretty funny one. We would always plan to buy a Christmas tree and while window shopping, we’d often talk about the way we would design it every year, and every year that passed we never bought one. Until two years ago, I was like we need to stop this and so I bought one for my mom, with decorations. For 22 years we talked, planned, and designed but never actually bought.

As for traditions, my wife and I are working on them with our little family, more than likely it’ll involve food but more so we try our best to becoming more in touch with our Christianity by reading the Bible and participating in the Advent prayers at home with our children. We want them to know God and that can only really happen if we know Him.

Lastly, as a photographer, I try my best to do a family portrait whenever I can and for Christmas is no different, only thing is it almost never works out, so to date it’s been my wife, our first daughter and myself.

Andrew Lewis

The recent period of my life, within the last five to six years, I have picked up some new traditions, which I have encouraged my family to take part in. The first is that we have been celebrating Christmas Mass. On Christmas Day, I love to start my day off, by going to Living Water, and helping the Living Water Community pack food for all those who don’t have the opportunity to have a lovely Christmas. Starting my day at Living Water is really important to me, and after that going off to see many families.

Right now, I am on the Canary Islands in Spain, at my training base, continuing my preparation for the Olympics next year, but because of COVID restrictions, and the borders in Trinidad being closed, I decided to spend Christmas overseas. My wife and I will be in Canada spending a winter Christmas. I am guessing our families would be coming on virtual platforms.

The world is going to throw nasty things at us all the time. Very discouraging things. As we look at Jesus who was crucified, from my understanding, that’s what was thrown at Him. He was crucified to show us, that while they held Him down, while they crucified Him, He didn’t fight it. He peacefully let it be and sacrificed Himself to show us, that whatever is thrown at us, in our lives, allow it to create wellbeing and stay true to ourselves.

Allow this Christmas time to help you see that wellbeing in those messages that are coming this way because God is in everything, every single thing. A loving Merry Christmas to all of you in the Catholic community.

Spread the love, help one another, support one another, and let’s continue to work toward the journey of all going to Heaven.

Darrion Narine

The baking of the turkey is one of my favourite Christmas traditions. Immediately after Christmas Eve Mass, we normally get to the turkey baking and prep for Christmas lunch. Of course, we must also have some Christmas carols and Parang playing as well!

Normally for Christmas I would attend many of the seasonal events like Parang in Paramin. This year however, it’s a much quieter season. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and just enjoying the few days off before heading back to the working world.

My only wish is that we remember the reason for the season. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ. It is a celebration of hope. I wish that the Catholic community won’t lose hope during these difficult times. Hope is what keeps the spark alive and keeps us going. Don’t lose hope.