What’s Christmas without a crèche?
December 22, 2020
Find a welcoming place for Christ
December 22, 2020

Blessing of the crèche at Arima Boys’ RC

During the school term, the Arima Boys’ RC School has its annual Crèche blessing. This activity would usually take place in the courtyard with the entire school population witnessing the blessing of the crèche, the Advent wreath and Christmas tree.

This year, a greater effort was made to ensure that this event was not sacrificed because of the pandemic. Fr Andrew Emenike of the Santa Rosa/Malabar Cluster Clergy Team officiated at the short event while students viewed virtually via Zoom and YouTube. Some teachers were in attendance to form the choir.

In the end, the event was successfully and safely executed and while it may not have reached the entire school population, most of the students would have been able to participate in this Christmas tradition in a new and innovative way.

—Story and photos courtesy Cristi Sampson, teacher