And there was peace…
December 15, 2020
Thursday December 17th: Sin and grace
December 16, 2020

Wednesday December 16th: Trust the process

“Blessed are those who do not lose faith in me”

Luke 7:19-23

We are challenged today to see this COVID time as part of the process of what it means to have hope amidst the doom and gloom all around us – to, in fact, count our blessings.
In this passage, John stands as a model of waiting. Although he pondered whether he was on the right track, he never gave up hope even though he was Imprisoned and facing death. He questioned Jesus, through his disciples, as to the possibility of looking for someone else if he, Jesus, was not the promised one. He needed some assurance that Jesus was the one and was prepared to continue searching even as his days were numbered. What a hopeful man!
Jesus reassured John by inviting his disciples to see and hear how hope was manifest through the curing of blindness, deafness, lameness and the like. He also challenged John and us to continue to trust this process of faith even in the darkness.
Lord, may we be messengers of hope.