Thursday December 17th: Sin and grace
December 16, 2020
Saturday December 19th: A Time to Prepare
December 16, 2020

Friday December 18th: Pray, reflect, then decide

God will always guide those who are patient and who seek him.

Matthew 1: 18 – 24

As we enter into the second part of Advent, we become more aware that the brith of Jesus is imminent. Mary is not the only one who occupies centre stage in the nativity of Jesus. Joseph also has an important role. He will be a father to Jesus.

Fathers must make difficult decisions on behalf of their families. For Joseph it was no different. The way Joseph arrived at his decision to take Mary home as his wife and claim Jesus as his son is noteworthy. At first he was impulsive and wanted to dismiss Mary. We are all impulsive at times.

The Lord appeared to Joseph in the dream and counselled him. Prayer and reflection are both necessary and important when making serious or life decisions. God will always guide those who are patient and who seek him.

We cannot make important decisions when we are rushed or distraught. We are more likely to do something unjust or regrettable then. Joseph gives us a good model. Pray, reflect, then decide.


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