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December 15, 2020
Wednesday December 16th: Trust the process
December 16, 2020

And there was peace…

The Pro-Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help came alive with the heavenly sounds of peace for the Christmas concert, ‘…And on earth, peace’ by Chandelier Productions, under the musical direction of Michael Hudlin.

Hudlin, who is an organist at the Pro-Cathedral took the audience through two sections of music beginning with Classica, followed by Parang by all-female group ‘Voix Riches’, and finally a rousing sound of Christmas carols, in which the audience was invited to participate.

The ensemble of vocalists who performed included a specially selected group of singers including Samatha Stanisclaus, Tracy Tuitt, Daniel De Cranie-Pierre, Garnet Allen, David Williams, Jamel Williams, Michele Dowrich and Janine Charles-Farray. Accompaniment was provided by pannists Rhia Toppin, Kahea Tannis and pianist, Andrew Samlal.

‘…And on earth, peace’ can be viewed online December 18–20. The cost of the stream is TT$55 (US$7.99). Visit https://bit.ly/AndOnEarthPeace  to register and get access.