Sunday December 13th: Witness the light
December 13, 2020
Tuesday December 15th: YES!!!
December 14, 2020

Monday December 14th: Be Wise

“I will also ask you one question”

Matthew 21 23-27

Our ancestors’ wisdom is in the proverbs. So it shouldn’t surprise us that today’s Gospel passage should mirror a saying I first heard in primary school – that Trinidadians always answer a question with a question. Jesus in doing just that, perhaps proves once and for all, that God is a Trini.

Proverbs 4:6-7 teaches us that if you love wisdom, she will protect you. In this Gospel passage Jesus is teaching us this. In another line of Matthew’s gospel 10:16 he tells his disciples to be ‘as wise as serpents but gentle as doves’.

Discipleship is not naivete, it is being wise. So often we misinterpret ‘Blessed are the meek’ as being submissive. It is not. A better meaning would be patient and trusting in God. Today as we go about our discipleship let us gird ourselves with wisdom – and she will watch over you.