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December 8, 2020
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Prayers and support continue despite Payge’s exit on The Voice

Photo source: Payge Turner Music Facebook Page

By Kaelanne Jordon


Twitter: @kaelanne1

Though Paige Roopchan’s, stage name ‘Payge Turner’, time on the NBC’s competition The Voice came to an unexpected end Tuesday, December 1, her family back home in Trinidad say they are extremely proud of her accomplishments.

“It is surreal looking at her evolve in front of our eyes, yet it is a familiar experience, like watching Jacqueline ‘Jacqui’ Johnson (her mother). Paige has so much of mummy’s stage presence and yet her own dynamism,” said Paige’s sister, Anika Johnson.

Johnson shared that Paige’s selection of songs was varied and showcased her different styles and abilities as she would have had some input in the arrangements, specifically her blind audition number. Their favourite, however, was ‘If the world was ending’ as “it gave us a window to her gentler and tender side”.

The much younger trio of sisters 

Responding to questions from Catholic News via email, Johnson shared that her sister was an “energiser bunny” and showed great potential as an athlete. “She would climb nearly everything and could outrun some of the boys in her school/camps,” she recalled. According to Johnson, Paige started singing around age five and would listen to artistes like Beyonce and did express “once or twice” her desire to be like her one day.

On her being a contestant on The Voice, Johnson explained that Paige, a Seattle resident would often have live performances at venues around Seattle. At one of these performances last year a producer from The Voice was present and approached her about auditioning for an upcoming season.

“There was some initial reservation as she had auditioned two years prior; but with a little encouragement from family and friends, she gave it another shot and we see what the result of such has been!” Johnson said.

Before she was booted out, Paige’s family shared that chatting with her before each performance was not always possible due to her tight schedule and their own schedules. There was also the four-hour time difference.

Johnson explained before some of the performances, the family received recordings of the rehearsals. Their feedback entailed advice on how to interpret the song, tips for performance but mainly excitement and encouragement.

“On days when she was performing, we would pass on a prayer or uplifting message. Much laughter and playful teasing would sometimes pass as motivation.”

When the family could interact with her after a performance, they would discuss how she felt her songs were received and the coach’s reaction to her performances. “We would scream with pride and share our delight,” Johnson added.

An NBC bio on Paige said her mother, Jacqui was very musical. Jacqui Johnson is a choral musician, a contralto vocalist and a long-time member of the Marionettes Chorale. Unlike her daughter Paige, she does not play any musical instruments.

Growing up, Johnson (A) recalled that she and her sisters would sing together and harmonise to Disney songs namely, ‘In the Jungle’ from the Lion King. The family would also sing worship songs and a gospel medley they arranged. Johnson said their mother would have exposed Paige to Gospel, Broadway, R&B and musicals.

Paige’s other siblings are also musically inclined. Anika plays the guitar and both she and her twin Rianna are past members of the Love Movement Children’s Choir and the Marionettes Youth Chorale. Other than beginner piano lessons at primary school level, no formal musical studies were pursued.

Currently, Rianna is a member of People of Praise and Anika is a member of Living Water Community’s Music Ministry.

Payge (left) with her family