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December 8, 2020
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December 8, 2020

Open for business – The Chapel Gift Shop Ltd

At this gift shop seek and you shall find!

The Chapel Gift Shop is an online business that began in October under St Benedict’s RC parish, La Romaine.

Parishioners Kella Smith and Lester Rodriguez had the idea for the gift shop in 2019 when they realised there was a challenge to get religious items in the South area.

The married couple (Kella and Lester) had the idea of the gift shop and jumpstarted the e-commerce business after a “little push” from Msgr Christian Pereira

Smith told the Catholic News, “Normally, to buy any religious items we would have to go to the Mount (Pax Abbey Bookshop, Mt St Benedict) or the Dominican bookstore in Port of Spain.

While there was the bookshop also at OLPH, San Fernando, at that time she felt “there was a limited amount of items”.

“I thought it would be good for St Benedict’s to open their own gift shop and help serve the Southern Vicariate,” she said.

Parish priest of St Benedict’s, Msgr Christian Pereira, was thrilled with the idea and pushed the couple to get started.

Smith said, “I thank Monsignor for the support on this and he continues to challenge my husband and I. I had no idea about running an e-commerce business and I am grateful he brought me out of my comfort zone!”

Smith also shared she was excited about the business venture because as a parishioner for 38 years, she always wanted to “give back to the Church”.

The Chapel Gift Shop Ltd became a registered business on August 22, 2019 and launched online in October 2020.

Many of the gift items sold are related to the sacraments of the Catholic faith but there are also items available for “all Christians of any age”.

Persons can look forward to their Advent and Christmas goods and can inquire about having customised items.

Speaking on the challenges so far, Smith said one has definitely been dealing with the delay to clear items at Customs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She advises that for the Christmas season, customers make orders at least two weeks prior to the date they would like to give their gifts to loved ones. Delivery is also available throughout Trinidad and the sister isle, Tobago.

To order, visit www.thechapelgiftshop.com

For other inquiries:

Phone/WhatsApp: 493-6370

Email: chapelgiftshop@gmail.com

Facebook: The Chapel Gift Shop

Instagram: @chapelgiftshop