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December 7, 2020
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December 8, 2020

Tuesday December 8th:  Nothing is impossible to God

The Lord is with you’

Luke 1:26-38

This gospel reading tells us that Mary is given a task that she thinks is impossible. She, a virgin, is told that she will ‘conceive and bear a son.’ Mary’s reply to the angel shows that she thinks that this is impossible and questions, ‘But how can this come about, since I am a virgin?’ The angel then answered her: The Holy Spirit will come upon you… Mary, in faith, accepts the seemingly impossible challenge.

At times in life we are find ourselves in a similar position and the angel of the Lord whispers in our ear that we have won God’s favour…  you have a vocation to be a teacher, doctor, priest, nun, or some task we think is impossible. If like Mary, we have faith and assent then, the Holy Spirit will come upon us.

When we are given a seemingly impossible task, let us pray for the faith to discern the work of the Lord and believe in the angel’s words: Nothing is impossible to God.