Tuesday December 1st: Divine revelation
November 30, 2020
Thursday December 3rd: My Father’s will
November 30, 2020

Wednesday December 2nd: Jesus Heals

They laid them at his feet.

Matthew 15:29-37

Normally when we read this passage the emphasis is on the feeding and the miracle that happened with limited bread and fish. Today however, I wish to focus the reflection on the healing and compassion of Jesus.
We are told that all types of physical healing were taking place as people came in their numbers, not only filled with awe by what they were seeing, but with great expectations. What they were experiencing was a holistic approach to human development. He was also giving spiritual nourishment by His preaching. And then He fed them physically.
In today’s world we are called to have this Jesus approach in dealing with brothers and sisters who are having less than normal conditions. We are called upon to heal people in their many woes. Our response must be that of compassion, but also in a holistic way. The present pandemic is an opportunity for us to practice Christianity in a practical way.
May Jesus help us to heal and offer a full response to those we encounter in need.