Tuesday November 24th: Take Heed That You Are Not Led Astray
November 24, 2020
Thursday November 26th: Hope Even To The End
November 24, 2020

Wednesday November 25th: Love always triumphs

“You will be betrayed even by parents and brothers, by relatives and friends; and they will put some of you to death.”

Luke 21:12-19

I know of a situation, some years ago, when some siblings must have quietly felt “betrayed … by brothers, relatives and …” In retrospect, it was a very sad situation which left many regrets.
Some siblings had moved away from the Catholic faith and embraced other religions. There was apparent peaceful coexistence until one day, one of the parents became seriously ill, to the point of death. However, death lingered, and some were angry that the parent was ‘suffering’ too much.
Those who had remained Catholic, gathered daily to pray the rosary, psalms and general prayers for the ‘healing’ of the parent, fully aware that death was near. Things came to a head one day when the Catholic siblings were verbally abused for praying “Catholic” prayers which, they claimed. caused the prolonged suffering and prevented death!
This must have been a heavy cross, but they remained calm. They endured till the death of their loved one. Love for parents and siblings triumphed. In the face of persecution, love always triumphs.