How’s your work from home going?
November 23, 2020
Wednesday November 25th: Love always triumphs
November 24, 2020

Tuesday November 24th: Take Heed That You Are Not Led Astray

Jesus said there would be many signs of impending conflicts and disasters

Luke 21:5-11

How would you respond if someone prophesied that your home, land, or place of worship would be destroyed? Jesus foretold many signs that would shake peoples and nations. The signs which God uses are meant to point us to a higher spiritual truth and reality of his kingdom which does not perish or fade away, but endures for all eternity. God works through many events and signs to purify and renew us in hope and to help us set our hearts more firmly on him and him alone.

Lord Jesus, your grace and mercy abounds even in the midst of trials and difficulties. Help me to seek your kingdom first and to reject whatever would hinder me from pursuing your way of peace, righteousness, and holiness. Fill me with the joy and hope of your everlasting kingdom. (c) Don Schwager