#AskTheArchbishop Recap – “Return to Masses physically”
November 20, 2020
November 22nd: You do it them; you do it to Me
November 22, 2020

November 21st: I believe in the Resurrection of the dead.

“Now he is God, not of the dead, but of the living”

Luke 20:27-40

We pray in the Creed that we believe in the resurrection of the dead. Today’s Gospel urges us to ponder this belief. If I believe in a life after death then I must be concerned about what that life might be (heaven, hell or purgatory). Therefore I must rely on God’s mercy and strive to live a life pleasing to God drawing closer to Him with each new day.

Do I resist the resurrection like the Pharasees? Do I resist changes in society, church, job or family because I am comfortable where I am while others are treated unfairly.

Do I belong to an organization, church or other, and I am resisting a change so others can rise up?

Let us pray – Ps 27:13-14
This I believe: I shall see the goodness of God, in the land of the living.
Put your hope in God, be strong, let your heart be bold, put your hope in God. Amen