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November 18, 2020
Beautiful flowers for the dead
November 18, 2020

Two new books

Allyson JM Roberts penned the book Turning a New Leaf during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic March to June 2020.  As all activities were stopped, Roberts found herself with lots of time to attend virtual Masses, play piano, work Sudokus and, of course, write.

She started journal writing in her days in 2012 at The Catholic Religious Education Development Institute (CREDI) and had most of the ideas down. It was just to compose these ideas into the stories as told about her husband and herself and their testimonies over the years. Roberts also published her research paper Using Technology to Enhance Teaching Music in the Classroom.

Dr Esther Liverpool hails from Santa Rosa, Arima and now resides in Washington DC, USA. She worked her way from her athletics scholarship to social work and some theology.

Dr Liverpool released her first book in September 2020. “It has been an accomplishment that I am really proud and satisfied with and want to give thanks to Almighty God, for steering me through this project,” she remarked. The book is called African American Children and the Stigma of Verbal, Physical and Mental Abuse.

These first-time authors are friends and were active as team members in the local Youth 2000 Prayer Festival.  Their books can be found on Amazon in paperback and as an eBook on Kindle. Locally you can obtain copies from Allyson Roberts at 645-8956 or 757-7219.