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November 18, 2020
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November 18, 2020

Priests dream for the Archdiocese in 2021…

For Vocations Awareness Week 2020 (Nov 8–13) a few priests were asked by Generation S’ what was their dream for the Archdiocese in 2021.

Fr Mikkel Trestrail

Fr Mikkel Trestrail -“It’s really difficult to dream for 2021 given the world of uncertainty that we are living in, but I hope to see a Church that grows in her capacity to listen to God and others, and to accompany persons along the difficult road of discipleship.

Like Jesus, I envision us on the road to Emmaus, walking and listening to those that are walking away from the ‘Jerusalem’ of the Church, their families, stability, and life.

I long to see each baptised person living this out in our families, workplaces, and every place that we go to. Persons are leaving ‘Jerusalem’, and they need the stranger to appear to them, to listen, to break the bread of hospitality and welcome, and to rekindle hope so that persons will return to Jerusalem!”


Fr Raymond Francis

Fr Raymond Francis- “I am looking forward to a new Church, a Church that comes alive in the power of God’s Holy Spirit and a Church that is renewed in the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

In the new Church, a new emphasis would be placed on evangelisation and not just evangelisation proclaiming that gospel message by preaching, but an evangelisation that propels us to look into the  brokenness, the ‘woundedness’ of our society and of our  people.

We should be willing to touch that ‘woundedness’ and that brokenness, to enter it and to journey with people from within to a place of healing, a place of wholeness, a place of freedom in Christ.”



Fr Steve Duncan


Fr Steve Duncan – “I dream of a Church where each baptised member makes a serious commitment of his or her life to serving Jesus in word and deed. Jesus has to be placed front and centre in all the ministry initiatives and engagements we undertake in the name of the Church.

For this to happen, each of us has to experience a conversion in which all expressions of the quest towards self-aggrandisement are surrendered, thereby presenting motives to be reformed and evangelised.

As a consequence of this exposure, formation of lives and exemplary Christian character will occur, producing the mature and delightful witness who can define the Kingdom where Jesus reigns as King in the hearts of every believer and thus, the world!

With this foundation firmly entrenched in mind, heart, soul, and strength, I further dream of communities of faith in which there is a passion to uphold and respect basic human rights, equality, and dignity. I see a Church rising to the challenge of incorporating an advancing technological age in the midst of its traditional operations. Here, our youth will be the drivers. I long for a liberating energy in social action, joy, contentment in serving one another and positive attitudes in our endeavour. I see integrity emerging both within and from a listening Church, alive with and influenced by the Holy Spirit!”