Eastern Catholicism in a Western community
November 18, 2020
Prepare for an encounter with our King
November 18, 2020

November 19th: Hidden Opportunities

If you had only understood the message of peace!

Luke 19: 41 – 44

Oh, to be a Trini in these times. One of the things Trinidadians often miss while abroad is the “night life”. Boy a Trini could lime!

So, to have been confined to our homes for just about the last 9 months has been painful to say the least. Nevertheless, there has been an upside to the forced slow down with being able to appreciate time and with whom it is spent.

“If you had only understood the message of peace!” and to recognise the opportunity He has offeredis God’s call in today’s Gospel Less time spent in traffic has provided not just more time to spend with family but true quality time as more effort is now placed in staying in touch and finding creative ways to still socialise.

I pray today to make the best of this opportunity and use this “extra” time wisely to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with family and friends.