Breaking the cycle of shame
November 10, 2020
November 12th: This is the end times
November 11, 2020

November 11th: Let me be the One, Lord.

One of them turned back…

Luke 17:11-19

When I come to meet you, Lord with all my burdens and disfigurement, with the pain of being rejected and call to you to take pity on me; when you see me with your piercing eyes and command me to do something towards my own healing, when you tell me to go and show myself, when my heart responds to you in love and hope and trust and I begin to obey, you cure me.
When I find myself cured, when I have realised that your touch upon my life and heart has cured my ugliness and that your voice has led me to wholeness and unity with others, let me be the one to turn back to you; let me be the one to make your heart glad; let me be the one to praise God at the top of my voice; let me be the one to throw myself at your feet and thank you.