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Chapeau Paille Day and Flag Day – DOMINICA

Chapeau Paille Day, also referred to as Creole Hat Day, was celebrated October 16, and observed as part of National Pride and Heritage Month. Children and adults alike adorned themselves with chapeau pailles (straw hats) in observance of this day.

Schools encouraged their students to participate by creating and wearing colourful and creative hats. Some schools hosted mini events, like the Convent Preparatory School, which held a tea party for the students while they modelled and showed off their hats.

On October 19, Dominicans island wide came together to celebrate National Flag Day. According to a report from AEC Communications, this is one of the many activities observed annually during National Emblems Week during the Independence season.

Designed by Alwin Bully in 1978, the Dominican flag represents different aspects of the island that make it unique, and the public is invited to celebrate this uniqueness. The flag was first flown November 3, 1978.

The flag consists of a circular red emblem with a Sisserou parrot standing on a twig in the centre. The parrot, which must always face the flagpole, is encircled by ten lime green stars; the stars are outlined with yellow. This is laid over three horizontal and three vertical yellow, black, and white lines, creating a triple-coloured cross against a forest green background.

Flag Day was instituted by the Cultural Division as a way for the population to display and give recognition to the flag.

The Catholic schools across the island celebrated National Flag Day in different ways, by holding rallies, showcasing creative displays, or by simply wearing masks with the flags’ design.