November 3rd: The Parable of the Great Feast
November 3, 2020
November 5th: Instrument of conversion
November 3, 2020

November 4th: Thank you priests

I wonder if he first sat down and worked out the cost.

Luke 14: 25-33

I remember speaking to a lady from a neighbouring parish, sometime ago. Her parish had just gotten a new priest. She was horrified. The priest had gone into a rum shop located near the Church building.
I do not know this priest, but I can just imagine how many problems this one visit to this bar caused.
The bar owner must have wanted him to leave quickly; he must have been bad for business.
The patrons must have thought he was there to spoil their fun and wanted him to leave even more quickly than the owner of the bar.
I assume he was trying to follow Jesus. Maybe he thought he might get some new parishioners. Maybe, he was just trying to save some souls.
I wonder if he first sat down and worked out the cost of that little visit. Poor priest.