October 29th: The Master has you covered!
October 29, 2020
October 31st: Answer the call
October 29, 2020

October 30th: To heal or not to heal

Compassion helps us to rise above provocation and tests.

Luke 14: 1 – 16

The scene of today’s Gospel is a sabbath meal at a leading Pharisee’s house. Jesus was invited to the meal. A man with dropsy was also present. When Jesus saw him, he asked the lawyers and Pharisees present about the lawfulness of healing the man on the sabbath. No one answered. So Jesus healed the man and sent him away.

By sending him away we can assume the man’s sole role was to provoke Jesus into doing or saying something that would incriminate him. Jesus was tested regularly.

If we can identify with being provoked or tested we would understand how Jesus may have felt. He may have felt anger and frustration. He may have felt trapped and the only thought was to hit back.

Jesus did not hit back. He showed compassion for the man with dropsy and tolerance for the Pharisee. We can remember that the next time we are provoked or tested. Compassion helps us to rise above provocation and tests.