From Shame to Redemption
October 20, 2020
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October 21, 2020

October 21st: Ready for the Lord

Much is expected from whom much is given.

Luke 12:39-48

Today’s scripture speaks to us about being ready for our Lord and Master. Part of being ready is to do what we have to do unsupervised and to treat people with love.

Many times we may be a gem in one space and a beast in another simply because the people who experience the ‘beast in us’ do not really matter to us. Let us examine our lives.

If the Lord appears at our beast times how would we respond? We may make the excuse that another person got away doing the same thing but then the Lord may say to us that we should know better and that much is expected from whom much is given; and we also have the responsibility to take others to heaven by being a good witness.

Let us pray. Lord Jesus, help us to always live in your presence and never be lax in our lives as we live in a deep relationship with you. May our lives give witness to Gospel values at all times. Amen.