Our Lady of good memory
October 13, 2020
100 years – Poole Rosary RC proud
October 13, 2020

Fr Pax, we appreciate you

We parishioners of Our Lady of Assumption, South Oropouche Parish and St Thomas More, Fyzabad, would like to acknowledge Fr Pax Finbarr Jey-Sharwan for his dedicated service as a priest in Trinidad.

He has worked assiduously in moulding and reshaping lives through faith and we are truly blessed every day to know Fr Pax, not only as our parish priest but look to him for spiritual guidance. He has been a light in the darkness to many in times of need. He is a priest truly called to holiness.

We appreciate Fr Pax for his persistence, patience and endurance inspired by faith. We thank him for offering his life into the hands of God and serving for well over a decade.

His faith has never wavered, revealing a heart that refuses to become closed, but has grown daily in love for God and His people. He has a heart that, like good wine, has not turned sour but has become richer with age.

We are thankful for the past seven years of devotion and self-sacrifice that Fr Pax has made through his obedience to God. He has been an encouragement for us all, in maintaining our faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. May God continue to sustain him with the grace of protection and guidance in holiness throughout his priesthood.

It was the love and mercy of Jesus Christ, working through the ministry of The Archdiocese of Port of Spain, and in collaboration with an archdiocese in Nigeria, that brought Fr Pax to Trinidad and Tobago in a time of need for vocation to holiness.

Fr Pax arrived in Trinidad on  August 5, 2013 and was assigned to work with Fr Martin Sirju at La Divina Pastora RC Church in the parish of Siparia; St Francis of Assisi, Erin; Sacred Heart, Buenos Ayres; and St Joseph, Los Bajos.

Fourteen months later, he was appointed parish priest and presently serves at Our Lady of Assumption, South Oropouche and St Thomas More, Fyzabad.

In 2015, his priestly duties also included Sacred Heart, La Brea; Our Lady, Sobo Village; and St Joseph, Vance River.

He has tremendously worked with a sense of musical adoration and intimate teaching of the holy scripture of Jesus Christ. Fr Pax has been a mentor in understanding the holy scriptures of Jesus Christ. He is a selfless and a humble priest, who takes special interest in our youths’ spiritual development.

He ministers with love and concern to all those entrusted in his care and labours diligently, to evangelise the Word of God, regardless of whether the recipient is Catholic, baptising them in Jesus Christ.

We continue to pray that wherever Fr Pax may be assigned to in his journey as a priest, we hope that he continues to touch lives and make positive impacts not only on individuals but families as a whole.

—Rosemin Narinesingh, Our Lady of Assumption RC Church, South Oropouche.