October 13th: Wash yuh hand
October 12, 2020
October 16th: The yeast of the Pharisees
October 12, 2020

October 12th: Signs vs Faith

The crowds which Jesus was addressing wanted a sign to prove his authenticity.  They already had the numerous miracles Jesus had been working in their very sight but they wanted to subject Jesus to their own criteria so that he could prove Himself.

We too demand proof from God.  We want to know that Jesus is really God; We want a sign before we come to change our ways.  We find our sinful ways so irresistible that the great sign of Jesus’ resurrection seems not enough for us.

So many centuries after the life, miracles and signs of Jesus we still demand a sign.  What we need is faith to believe in the ‘Something Greater’ that Jesus talks about in the Gospel passage today – Himself.

Increase my faith O God.