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October 6, 2020
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October 7, 2020

Archbishop Gordon: Play with your children for emotional equilibrium

Archbishop Jason Gordon believes kids are now being “robbed” of play.

“Now that school is virtual where do kids play? So, we have to put play back into the family and the family has to have a rhythm of play if they want to keep their kids on the emotional equilibrium,” the Archbishop said.

He stressed that kids ought to have some form of interaction that has nothing to do with academics.

“I know a lot of kids that are cooped up indoors for days and days. I don’t think it’s healthy,” the Archbishop asserted during CatholicTT’s Ask the Archbishop live chat Wednesday, September 30 via Facebook.

“Go to the Savannah, the park…go as a family and do something outdoors every week. Because remember that we have to keep the emotional stability of kids intact and the outdoors I think is important,” the Archbishop said.

He suggested traditional clubs such as guides, scouts and chess can be integrated online.

He invited parents to join in on the fun as well, “go down on the ground” and play with your kids.

“It will do an immense good for you first and the bonding with your kids,” he said.

The Archbishop spoke of two “greatest threats” to health: lack of sleep and lack of water.

He observed persons have been spending late nights binge watching “all kinds of foolishness” and waking all hours of the morning.

“That’s a formula for depression. Depression comes from sleep deprivation and irregular patterns of sleep and therefore the body can’t sustain. And we are under more pressure than we [are] usually under and therefore we need more sleep and deeper rest than we would normally need,” the Archbishop said.

He urged faithful tuned in, if they have thoughts of hurting themselves, to reach out to someone. “Call somebody, call a doctor, a friend…say to somebody ‘I’m having negative thoughts’.”

Asked to provide an update on the Archdiocese’s efforts of providing food donations , Archbishop Gordon shared that the Archdiocese has distributed 70,000 hampers at a cost of $11 million dollars. He mentioned that the Government allocated $7.5 million to the Catholic Church. The Archbishop explained that the Archdiocese was trying to “slow down” distribution but “people kept coming”.

“…how do you stop when so many people were still in need at that stage? So, what I know is that we are still collecting money and the poor is not someone you can chinks on. So, we have to find the way….” he said.

To this end, Archbishop Gordon expressed thanks to everyone for their “incredible generosity”. It is because of this generosity and love, that he remains confident that the country is going to survive this difficult time.


By Kaelanne Jordan

Email: mediarelations.camsel@catholictt.org

Twitter: @kaelanne1