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October 6, 2020
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October 6, 2020

Comforting music for COVID-19 times – ‘If I can help somebody’

If I can help somebody is the title of the 14-track CD with accompanying video from 80-year-old Andre Walker, a parishioner of Bourg Mulatresse.

“It is a farewell snapshot of my vocal and musical arts legacy, dedicated to family and directed to God and God alone,” Walker explained to Catholic News in an email about the CD.

“Almost every track has an aspect of my life story in it. It is my autobiography in prayers and music. It is my evangelising tool better than any spoken sermon. In actual fact, it is a sermon in word, song and music video, a music documentary if you wish. The message: ‘You do good with a grateful heart, good comes back to you in far greater measure which you can pass on’.”

Walker highlighted two locally composed tracks, ‘Our Way’ (track 2) by Frank Clarke and Sheldon Morales, an alternative to Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ ballad, and ‘To Be the Body’ (track 10) by Bishop Clyde Harvey.

Walker described track 8, ‘He touched me’, as “haunting melodious instrumental music” with him on the harmonica and Felix ‘Sugar Fingers’ Roach on keyboard.

Roach, and Simeon Sandiford worked with Walker on the CD offering their technical and musical director services. “For this, I owe them and am deeply grateful. I also give special thanks to the Ministry of Community Development Culture and the Arts and Oscar Francois Limited for their kind sponsorship.”

The recordings were done at Audioworks Limited with sound engineering performed by Marlon Jackson. Eric Alvarez was responsible for the music video photography. The artwork and packaging concept were devised, designed and artistically executed by Carlyle Mason of Communication Alternatives Limited.

The cover of the CD features a mid-1970s photo of Walker and his wife, Grace, and their children, Michelle, Gregory and Gerard.

“My spouse, Grace Catherine of 58 years happy marriage and who passed on April 26, 2020, the day of the planned concert to roll out the CD, will be especially remembered and honoured from the sales of this CD/DVD because of her adjudicating inputs throughout the two years it took to be produced. It is comforting music in these rough COVID-19 times.”

If I can help somebody is priced at TT$200 and available at Living Water Community, People of Praise, Dominican Bookstore, and other bookshops.


For inquiries, Walker may be contacted at 683-9502.