October 4th: His Way…not our ways.
October 4, 2020
October 6th: Subtle gods
October 5, 2020

October 5th: My Good Samaritan

My good samaritan is a man from Laventille.

Luke 10:25 – 37

My good samaritan is a man from Laventille.
I left my cell phone in a maxi taxi.
I knew I would never see my phone again.
I was devastated. I do everything on my cell phone. I cannot tell you the last time I used my laptop or my tablet. My phone has made these devices obsolete, at least for me.
The third time I called my phone a man answered. He said he was on his way home.
He told me I could collect the phone at his job, the next day. The last thing he said before we hung up was that I should not worry, because my phone was safe.
The next day, I collected my phone from this gentleman at his workplace in San Juan.
He didn’t ask for a reward or anything.
I thank God for this man from Laventille, my good samaritan.