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September 28, 2020
What you need know: Archdiocesan Ministry for Migrants and Refugees
September 29, 2020

September 29th: You Will See the Angels of God

Jesus offers the greatest gift possible – peace and friendship with God

John 1:47-51

What would you give to see beyond the visible – to “see heaven opened and to behold the angels” who stand in God’s presence? When Philip brought his friend Nathanael to see Jesus, Jesus did the unthinkable! He brought revelation to Nathanael – revelation of how God looks at each one of us in the very depths of our hearts and invites us into intimate communion with him in his heavenly court. Nathanael was very startled that Jesus could know him and understand what was in his heart even before Nathanael had the opportunity to speak with Jesus.

Heavenly Father, through your Son Jesus Christ, you have opened the way to heaven for us. As you revealed yourself to your beloved patriarchs and apostles, so reveal yourself to me that I may recognize your presence with me and know the power of your kingdom at work in my life. May I always find joy in your presence and never lose sight of your kingdom.

(c) Don Schwager