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September 29, 2020
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September 29, 2020

Finding solace with ‘spiritual food’

By Juliana Valdez

During this time of the COVID-19, when restrictions are the order of the day, people are searching for coping mechanisms to see them through the daily rigours of this situation.

Sharing with friends, I discovered that, like me, many of them find solace and spiritual sustenance in the many religious programmes aired on Trinity TV and EWTN at any point during the day.

Participating in the daily Holy Mass, the rosary, etc, helps to fill the void of the inability to gather with others for these activities.

For me, I look forward to praying the rosary with the representatives from the Living Water Community in the mornings, uniting my prayers and petitions with them as we plead to Almighty God through the intercession of our Blessed Mother for an end to this pandemic and the havoc it is causing throughout the world.

Strangely enough, I find myself avoiding viewing the news reports on the television. My emotions run the gamut from anger to helplessness when some of the happenings are aired.

The latest is the situation of the students and the results of the CAPE and CSEC examinations. It is really sad to see the students who were doing well all the time and were convinced they did their best in the exams, receive less than favourable results.

Then there are the alleged discrepancies in the profiles, the alleged non-submission of SBAs and the listing of absent when students claim they were present for the exams. The complaints are numerous. Understand my angst? I pray for positive outcomes.

Then there is the issue of the crime situation which does not seem to be abating. I used to enjoy viewing Beyond the Tape, since in addition to the highlighting of the criminal activities, viewers gained knowledge of the law, rules and regulations governing various aspects of what is expected from citizens.

The downside for me is looking at the young men and in some cases, the young women choosing a life of crime. It is so sad to see the aggression of the perpetrators as they, with guns in hands unleash terror and mayhem on innocent victims. In some cases, the victims are elderly and helpless. It really tears me up.

My escape? The religious channels, Animal Planet, the Game Show Network, Steve Harvey, etc, since there is always something to bring laughter, encourage research or facilitate a better understanding of certain things.

One thing is sure, the news reports of the increase in COVID positive cases is a clear indication that we as citizens are not doing all that we should in order to combat this virus.

The appeal to follow the protocols laid out are emphasised daily. Sadly, from many utterances heard, the COVID situation is still not being taken as seriously as it should be.

The saddest part of this are the families who have lost loved ones and are not able to gather to pay their final respects. Especially in large families, imagine the stress of choosing the ten individuals to attend the funerals! Kudos should be given, however, to those who are trying their best to be obedient to the protocols.

So we continue to pray, reflect, and meditate, seeking the spiritual food we need to sustain us during these times. Our beloved Archbishop daily sets us thinking as he shares with us the message of the scriptures during Holy Mass.

We are encouraged to place ourselves in the readings, examining our thoughts, words, actions, our very lives and question whether or not we are living as Almighty God meant us to.