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September 22, 2020
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September 22, 2020

Archbishop to young people: Restraint is the order of the day

Archbishop Gordon addresses the gathering.

Archbishop Jason Gordon is appealing to young persons to do the right thing, as the health of the nation depends on them.

Speaking at the 8 a.m. Mass at the Living Water Community Chapel, September 15, the Archbishop reminded youths though they may not see the consequences of their actions as grave because of their desire to connect with their peers, the consequences to all as a nation “is grave when you connect badly, when you don’t social distance, when you don’t wear a mask, and when you don’t hold to what is necessary to us as a nation at this time.”

Archbishop Gordon acknowledged that this is the “most difficult time” for young persons. He explained, that by nature, youths want to do things that are “exciting and wonderful” and live pre-COVID-19.

He however reiterated “‘restrain’ is the order of the day”. The Archbishop made a point that while younger persons may assume they are “invincible” to the pandemic, “what about your mother? What about your grandmother?” he questioned.

He continued, “if you give it to them, they will have serious side effects. And that pain will be too much to carry.”

Ultimately, Archbishop Gordon stressed that this period of lockdown amidst the pandemic is also an opportunity of grace and a “growing up”, and maturity in ensuring that all are safe and the whole nation is protected.

He echoed the practice of washing hands, wearing masks properly and social distancing physically.

“Let’s be present to each other but recognise that we must do it in a way that is responsible socially. The health of the nation depends on you helping us to do this well,” the Archbishop ended. —KJ