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September 9, 2020
Working together to prevent suicide
September 10, 2020

September 10th: Loving Commands from Jesus

You who are listening…

Luke 6:27-38

Today, Jesus commands us to love, do good, bless, pray, give, be compassionate, grant pardon, do not judge or condemn.  This list does not sound too difficult if we try hard to stay to His word.  The challenge comes when we examine the object of the commands.  Jesus commands us to do these things to our enemies, those who hate us, curse us, treat us badly and rob us! This is where difficult turns to impossible.

The Gospel shows that Jesus is addressing ‘you who are listening.’  If we have already put our minds, hearts and bodies into a position to receive God’s word by listening, we can, with His help fulfill these seemingly impossible commands.  Later in the passage Jesus accompanies His commands with promises for us – we will not be judged ourselves, we will be pardoned, a full measure of gifts will be poured into our laps.  Be listening and fulfill Jesus’ commands.