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August 25, 2020
We need to take off the blinders…
August 25, 2020

Holy Mass: Until we meet again…

-By Christine Mahon

Second semi-lockdown, churches to be included, faithful making sure to attend the ‘last’ for how long? Nobody really knew. I was not disappointed.

St Mary’s, St James was as beautiful and uplifting as usual. The ‘attendants’ (for lack of the correct word) were as always welcoming and warm. Single file, hand sprayed with sanitiser, name checked. They have mastered the art of smiling behind a mask.

Once again, I had not registered for the Mass I attended. No problem, my name was promptly written in on the sheet. Stepping across the 6-foot markers, glancing as always to the magnificent statue of Jesus in Mary’s arms, I made my way to one ‘blue X marks the spot’ seat.

The choir was, as always, amazing. Always a perfect choice of song, instrumentals, and voices.

When Father walked out to the altar, the absolute stunning blue of his vestments took my breath away. It was as if the garment had fallen from a perfect clear, blue sky to commemorate the Feast of Mary’s Assumption.

I could readily have shed a tear of sadness along the way, but the choir ensures we leave on a joyous note. Thank you, St Mary’s, until we meet again.

A snap-shot of inside St Mary’s RC, Mucurapo. Photo by Gerard Paul-Wanliss