August 25, 2020
Holy Mass: Until we meet again…
August 25, 2020

CatholicTT Registry FAQs

The Archdiocese of Port of Spain has dedicated the month of August as CatholicTT registry month but do not worry you still have ions of time to be a part of the CatholicTT family beyond this month. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

FAQs for YOUs

Q: What is the CatholicTT Registry?

The CatholicTT Registry is an archdiocesan data collection instrument being used to collect contact information on all Catholics in Trinidad and Tobago…and a little more.

His Grace, the Most Reverend, Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon, is leading us to community in a new digital milieu in this time of COVID-19 and beyond.  It is his expressed intention for us to stay connected as clergy and parishioners as families, friends and parish communities using the technology available for continuing communication with one another.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the CatholicTT Registry?

The CatholicTT Registry creates a special space for you on a digital platform in the Archdiocese. You can identify with your parish community and/or the CatholicTT community with one response submitted via the CatholicTT Registry Form.

Some of the benefits of joining the CatholicTT Registry:

  • an archdiocesan and parish digital presence for communication and services during COVID-19 and beyond
  • participate in formation and training programmes
  • request digital/soft copies of sacramental records/certificates
  • register in catechetical programmes
  • receive invitations to events and activities
  • schedule appointments
  • subscribe to digital channels


Q: Is my information confidential?

The Archbishop is mindful of how critical it is for persons submitting data to the Archdiocese to trust in the privacy, confidentiality and use of their data.

The CatholicTT Registry is designed and developed by an established Archdiocesan Data Governance Committee (DGC) and is governed by the Trinidad and Tobago Data Protection Act, 2011, partially proclaimed, and by the DGC’s core principles of ethical data practices.

Our Code of Practice, declared in the CatholicTT Registry form, promotes, and fosters an understanding of how data can be used responsibly to increase YOUR trust and confidence in the use of YOUR data.


Q: How will my information be used?

The information you provide remains confidential, guided by our Code of Practice and will be used to establish a Register of Parishioners and Families and to provide a digital communication channel with you for the purposes stated in the form.

Your data is collected, stored, used and managed by the CatholicTT Registry.  As an added courtesy, CatholicTT Registry seeks your consent to contact you using the information provided. You say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  YOU guide on how we use YOUR data.


Q: Is my data secure and protected?

Your Archdiocese uses a licensed platform for the CatholicTT Registry.  All CatholicTT Registry data is collected, stored, and accessed on a secured, non-shared, single-user account with multi-factor authentication enabled.


Q: How will my data be recorded on the CatholicTT Registry?

You are a unique individual and your data is governed by a unique identifier on the CatholicTT Registry.

As you join the CatholicTT Registry, your records will be researched and digitised and a unique ID will be assigned to your records.  Your unique records ID is linked to your parish of baptism, date of birth and an automatic, system-generated, sequential number.

(Your CatholicTT records ID will be shared with you when we have completed the digitising of our baptismal records)


Q: How do I contact the CatholicTT Registry?

You can contact the CatholicTT Registry via email at for enquiries or other information.


Q: How do I join the CatholicTT Registry?

The CatholicTT Registry form is available via click, connect, call, come-in or scan.

  • Visit
  • Connect to
  • Call your parish and request a soft copy of the CatholicTT Registry Form.
  • Come-in to your parish, fill in and submit a hard copy of the CatholicTT Registry form. Scan for access to CatholicTT Registry form.


CatholicTT Registry…convenient…confidential…community.

Let’s #stayconnected