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August 21, 2020
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August 24, 2020

New and exciting partnership for Living Water Community

Cylo Tracking Limited is excited to partner with the Living Water Community to provide additional safety for their vehicles.

Cylo Tracking Limited rewarded Living Water Community as one of their first flagship non-profit organisations with GPS Tracking Services.

This initiative supports the promotion of the wide range of GPS Tracking services and products offered by Cylo Tracking Limited and their mission of providing goodwill within Trinidad and Tobago.

“There is a saying that the secret to living is giving. Cylo’s entire operation is based on this concept as we seek to not only improve our brand awareness within the local community but to ensure our corporate social responsibility is at the forefront of all that we do,” said Jason Valley, general manager at Cylo Tracking Limited.

Rosemary Scott, assistant director at Living Water Community expressed gratitude to Cylo Tracking “for considering us in this initiative”.

For the next six months, starting from July to the end of 2020, Cylo Tracking Limited has embarked on a charitable initiative where they are giving away one-year free gps tracking service to non-profit organisations, just like Living Water Community, who do so much for our communities and society at large. The benefit to these organisations is the peace of mind in knowing where their vehicles are located and the funds saved that can be repurposed within their organisation.

Cylo Tracking Limited is a young locally based organizsation with an international network that provides easy to use, cost effective worldwide real-time tracking services for everyone.

About Cylo Tracking Limited

Cylo Tracking Limited, a micro enterprise organization, is a full – service GPS Tracking Services provider and delivers market-ready solutions for residential and business owners. Cylo provides  subscription based GPS services, white label, distributor and reseller business opportunities and best in class devices. Cylo Tracking Limited also operates its recently launched “Cylo Talks” series which promotes the benefits of the GPS industry, both locally and regionally. Learn more at