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August 18, 2020
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August 20, 2020

It takes two to…

By Juliana Valdez

“It takes two to…” This was one of the questions a family faced on the game show, Family Feud, hosted by Steve Harvey. They completed the statement with a variety of answers, tango, marry, fight, argue, etc.

I must admit, the GSM (Game Show Network) is one of the channels I love to view. The programmes afford the viewers a lot of information, especially those shows where trivia is revealed, like Master Minds and The Chase. It is amazing how many things these participants know!

But back to “It takes two to……” I’m not sure what intrigued me about the question, but for a while after the show, I was coming up with answers to complete it. It takes two to agree, to work together, to reach a solution, to decide to move on.

Maybe it has to do with the political situation in which the country is embroiled, and the frustration many confess to be experiencing. So many opinions are being expressed, some divisive, some insulting, some with positive ideas and the desire to see our beloved country move ahead.

There are many seeking peace and harmony, but it seems like an uphill battle.

It really takes two, be it two persons, two opposing sides, what have you. Successful solutions can only be arrived at when there is agreement, even if it is agreeing to disagree, it takes two!

Another statement Steve Harvey asked the players to complete was, “You have to walk the…” Answers such as the line, plank, walk, talk, etc., were given until the side with the most correct answers won the round of play.

Again I went into thinking mode. Viewing the news clips of the utterances and behaviour of some of the individuals who had contested the general elections, vowing to improve the situation of citizens, I had to question, what are they now ‘walking’?

The citizens are yearning for some semblance of normalcy in our daily lives which is already under extreme stress, trying to follow protocols and keep safe in an environment where COVID-19 seems to be lurking everywhere, waiting to pounce on those who are lax in observing the precautionary measures the Ministry of Health is advocating.

Again, the statement, “It takes two to….” comes into focus, the two here being the health officials who are issuing the guidelines, and the citizens who are required to be obedient and vigilant to ensure their health and safety.

In this case, the statement can be completed, “It takes two to successfully overcome this virus!”.

The late calypsonian Dennis Franklin, aka ‘Merchant’, in his classic composition, ‘Let us build this nation together’ completed the second statement by urging the citizens to “Walk hand in hand, because this is our land…”

The calypso also reminds us, “Now, more than ever we must show discipline, tolerance and production…” our nation’s watchwords, which as Merchant reminds us, are our main foundation in striving to build a strong and better nation.

As we approach our 58th year of independence, our beloved nation is beleaguered with many issues, health, financial, political insecurity, spiritual apathy, the list goes on.

Is there hope for improvement? I firmly believe so!

But it will take a concerted effort on the part of each and every citizen to ensure success. Right now, things seem so uncertain, and with the increase in the COVID cases, it is also frightening.

So, what do we do? We persevere in faith, trusting the Blessed Trinity, after whom this beloved country is named, to lead, guide and see us through these trying times.