August 11th: To Enter the Kingdom of Heaven
August 11, 2020
Archbishop to Companions of the Transfigured Christ: Be obedient to God’s Word
August 11, 2020

Of angels, apples and Mother Earth

The Editor: It came to my attention recently that two pages of instructions/information concerning a visit to one’s home by five archangels has been circulating

It appears that Catholic families have been participating in this event for some time now. Our Church authorities seem to be unaware of what is happening but this should be addressed, by way of informing our unsuspecting Catholic population.

The instructions indicate that your participation in the visit of the archangels is an honour and a gift to your family to be imprinted with their LIGHT and that you will be assisting them in their purpose to help humanity, “Mother Earth”, and “all universes” and that they are grateful for your help.

The archangels arrive on invitation late at night and one has to speak a welcome greeting. They stay for five days at a person’s home. When they leave, a farewell is spoken. They then take a break for five days before they continue to another home.

To prepare for the visit, an altar is prepared with a white flower (not artificial), a candle which must be lit at all times except when you go out or are asleep, and a sealed envelope with three wishes, one for Mother Earth, one for your family and one for yourself. An apple must be placed on the sealed envelope and consumed after the angels’ departure from your home….it will have been impregnated with “healing energy”.

When dealing with the spiritual realm one has to be careful about opening spiritual doors. One needs to ask oneself, ‘Who or what am I inviting/bringing into my home?’; ‘Am I inviting the Light of Christ or the presence of evil into my home and family?’. For the Devil also comes as an Angel of Light presenting himself as something which appears to be good but which in fact is not good.

According to the information circulating, the angels arrive at 10.30 p.m. and leave five days after at the same hour. It has never been heard of that angels need you to open a door for them. They are present when you call on them, through prayer.

In this day and age when crime is rampant, it does not seem wise that someone should deliberately open his/her doors at such a late hour to invite anyone/anything into their home.

As Catholics, we are to ask, seek and knock through prayer to God. The angels assist us when we ask them through prayer at any moment. They do not take a break. Apples do not have “healing energy”: they have healing properties and are very good for us at any time, physically. They cannot help us spiritually.

This whole process reeks of New Age thinking and Catholics should not be participating in such rituals. We do not make wishes—we have to pray and have faith through all the events of our lives, good or bad. We can help God’s creation, the earth, by caring for our surroundings and not polluting the environment.

Jesus gave us His mother, not Mother Earth, to guide us on the path of humility and obedience to the will of God, which leads to eternal life.

God has also left us His Word, His Spirit, Himself in the Holy Eucharist.

“Lo, I am with you always even to the end of the world.”
“I will not leave you orphans”(abandoned).

We should put our faith in God not in useless rituals and make our petitions to God in faith and hope. We can follow the example of Mary, learn the Word of God so we will not be led astray. We witness a miracle every time Holy Mass is celebrated and God comes to us; there is no greater privilege or honour. We need to call on the Holy Spirit to reveal the Truth to us so we will not be led astray.
“Take heed that no one deceives you.” We must stay awake.—Margaret McKenzie